If you are interested in attending any of the classes listed below please email us at info@tiys.co.uk. (Or you can contact the teacher directly – email details are given on the ‘teachers’ page.) If you are a newcomer to the Studio, please include your phone number so we can call you back.

  • Monday 9.30am (General with Patsy)
  • Monday 6.00pm (General with Kate)
  • Monday 8.00pm (Beginners with Gene)
  • Tuesday 9.30am (General and beginners with Wendy)
  • Tuesday 11.00am (Therapy with Patsy)
  • Tuesday 6.15pm (Beginners with Gene)
  • Tuesday 8.00pm (General with Wendy)
  • Wednesday 9.30am (Gentle/general and beginners Wendy for Fran)
  • Wednesday 11.00am (Intermediate with Patsy)
  • Thursday 9.30am (General with Tessa)
  • Thursday 11.30am (Gentle/post therapy with Tessa)
  • Thursday 6.15 (Beginners and general with Nita)
  • Friday 9.30am (General with Patsy)
  • Saturday 9.30am (General with Wendy)
  • Saturday 11.30am (Beginners with Wendy)
  • Sunday 10.00am (Sunday class with Gene)

Disclaimer: Please note that students taking online classes assume responsibility for any risks injuries or damages known or unknown which they may incur as a result.