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ONLINE CLASSES FROM 23 MARCH - The Iyengar Yoga StudioThe Iyengar Yoga Studio


We are now running a slightly reduced timetable of online classes for students who normally attend the Studio. Unfortunately teachers are not insured to teach online anyone who has not attended at least one of their classes in person.

If you normally attend one of these classes we will write to you and invite you to take part. If you don’t hear from a teacher, get in touch on info@tiys.co.uk.

The following classes are running – the line up may change over time. The first classes will be taught from teachers’ homes, but once the technology is in place we will be able to deliver them from the Studio.

  • Monday 9.30am (General with Patsy)
  • Monday 6.00pm (General with Kate)
  • Monday 8.00pm (Beginners with Gene)
  • Tuesday 9.30am (General and beginners with Wendy)
  • Tuesday 6.15pm (Beginners with Gene)
  • Tuesday 8.00pm (General with Wendy)
  • Wednesday 9.30am (Gentle/general and beginners Wendy for Fran)
  • Wednesday 11.00am (Intermediate with Patsy)
  • Thursday 9.30am (General with Tessa)
  • Thursday 11.30am (Gentle/post therapy with Tessa)
  • Thursday 6.15 (Beginners and general with Nita (from 2 April)
  • Friday 9.30am (General with Patsy)
  • Saturday 9.30am (General with Wendy)
  • Saturday 11.30am (Beginners with Wendy)
  • Sunday 10.00am (Sunday class with Gene)

We are looking forward to being back in contact and seeing how together we can best get through these strange and difficult times. Much love from all of us at The Studio.

Please note that students taking online classes assume responsibility for any risks injuries or damages known or unknown which they may incur as a result.