Guide To Classes

If you are starting yoga from scratch, you may want to join a six week foundation course, although many people new to yoga go straight into one of the beginners classes. We offer a number of these spread throughout the week. General classes (the next level up from beginners) are also held on most days of the week. There are three  Intermediate classes each week for the most experienced and committed students.

Our teenage class is for students aged 13 to 18 and is taught in term time, and the Sunday restorative/pranayama class is held twice monthly on dates publicised on the website.

Three therapy classes each week cater for students who need a tailored approach and individual attention to address more serious injuries or conditions. These sessions are designed to help students back into regular classes as soon as possible, rather than as a long-term alternative. Places are limited and students are assessed for suitability before joining the classes. The post therapy class offers a half-way house for people returning to regular classes after therapy or who prefer the slower approach this class offers.


List Of Class Types


A six week course in yoga basics The Foundation course introduces students to the fundamentals of Iyengar yoga and some key principles and poses.


For students new to yoga or who have not attended classes regularly. As a rule of thumb, beginners are students with less than two years’ experience of Iyengar yoga. Beginners classes introduce students to the basic poses including inversions (shoulder stand and head stand). They are suitable for people who have not been attending Iyengar classes for very long or  regularly (including people new to yoga), and also those who have done more yoga but like the level and pace of teaching.


Suitable for students who have attended beginners classes regularly for at least two years. General classes assume firm understanding of basic poses which are taught in more depth and detail. Poses are introduced that build on these.


Suitable for experienced students. Intermediate classes are aimed at experienced students, usually with some level of home practice. Poses are more demanding and instructions assume a certain maturity of understanding. Headstand and shoulder balance are held for for longer and more variations are taught.

Teenagers 13-18

An hour long class for younger people This class runs during term time only. No drop-ins. Contact Korinna to find out if there are spaces.


To help people with specific health conditions or problems do poses. These classes offer more individual attention for people who need extra support to work in poses. There may be more than one teacher present. Please note that most people with health conditions or impairments do well in standard classes working like all other students to their own capacity under the guidance of their teacher. If you have a health condition or specific problem and are considering starting yoga classes, please consult your doctor first.